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Athenian born young talent Pavlos Kanellakis is at the door step of

a substantial Concert career. Pavlos’ well nurtured, somewhat particular

repertoire - typically centred on standard guitar classics but understandably

biased in favour of contemporary Greek composers - represents a unique

asset and a potential guarantee of success in his profession..


Oscar Ghiglia (Classical Guitarist)



Pavlos Kanellakis is an exceptional guitarist and musician whose guitar

interpretations are characterized by outstanding spirituality and sensitivity.


Nikos Mamangakis (Composer)



Pavlos Kanellakis is one of the most outstanding musicians with whom

I have ever collaborated. His playing is characterised by flawless technique

combined with a highly expressive and insightful approach to interpretation.

His concert performances and recordings are imaginative and truly



John Buckley (Composer)


In the music world there are many musicians but very few artists. Kanellakis is

a consummate artist who marries flawless technique with a sense of poetry,

commitment and profound understanding of the music; his performances are

compelling, expressive,lyrical, and elegant and demonstrate extraordinary

sparkle, sensitivity, fire and passion as well as a transcendent interpretative quality.
Pavlos Kanellakis is one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation...

John Feeley (Classical Guitarist)


Pavlos Kanellakis is a Greek guitarist and musician who, through his technique,

musicality, personality and ethos, has attained a position within the international

frontline of performers of the classical guitar.


Evangelos Boudounis (Classical Guitarist-Composer)



Pavlos Kanellakis is an extraordinarily gifted guitarist.

While technical proficiency is common among today’s young professionals,

Kanallakis always puts his flawless technique to the service of exhilarating

musical ideas. His performances are enriched by an impressive combination

of stylistic integrity and a passion to deliver unique musical interpretations.

This is what makes him stand out: he is not only one of the most exciting

guitarists working today but is also an inspirational musician.


Benjamin Dwyer (Classical Guitarist and Composer)




Pavlos Kanellakis…a rising star of the classical guitar.


Evangelos Assimakopoulos (Classical Guitarist)



PavlosKanellakis is a brilliant guitarist. His performance of my works is

characterized by artistic consistency, musicality and enviable technical skill.


Kostas Grigoreas (Classical Guitarist-Composer)

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